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Islamic Aqueduct in old Cairo

After the famous ruler Salah El Dien founded the Ayubied family ,he gave his orders for the citadle to be constructed in 1167 AD to be astratigic building for protecting Cairo ,where his followers ruled egypt from there starting from the time of his brother sultan El Kamel
The only source for fresh water inside the citadle was a deep well carried the name of Joseph'well which cut under the mother rock and carried the name of the spiral well
That well ,its water was enough for the soliders and animals ,but when Sultan El Kamel used that buildind to as ruling residence, that well became not enough ,so they began to think how to bring more water to that building.
They began to build the Aqueduct which started from old cairo near by Babylon fortress to the citadle ,but that part ,most of it not existed now although that part renovated during the time of Mumlukes, specially during the time of famous ruler Quitbay .
The 2nd part which most of it still standing up till now founded by the time of famous ruler from Mamluke's time Qansu El Ghory whom found the Aqueduct starting from the place known with Fum El Khalig near by the nile till the citadle for 3 km and the canal for carrying water up about 50 c.m high and 67 c.m width
Carried over 271 arches built by limestone and about 118 metres high at beging and 3 metres by the end near by citadle as the rank carried the name if the founder still till now.
Waterwheels used to carry the water up to the walls,then abig basin should be filled in,then water start running through the little canal which takes the slopping design to push the water to run fast .
Now ,abig project for restoring it managed by ministry of antiquities to be a suitable site for visitors whom interested the Islamic history in Egypt

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